Many years ago in asking The Creator "Great Pop, what would You have me to do?", His response was for me to look in the palm of my hand.  Each time I would see a pyramid shape that I knew was a church or temple of sorts.  In driving about and asking Him the same question the rays of the sun would come down forming the very same image.  Finally I figured that He wanted me to build a structure for someone else to operate "His" church in.  Of course the money did not come for me to do such and so I felt like I was failing.  In one of my daily Meditations shortly thereafter, I was given to see the temple in all of its splendor.  I dared to venture inside this "Temple to become" and was overwhelmed when Great Pop had me go through the door.  You see, I was very comfortable doing the construction of such a special and scared place and most willing to spend all of the resources of the rest of my life in doing such.  But I certainly was not comfortable for what I saw going inside.  You see inside He showed me being the person up front leading the ceremonies and doing the healing and such!  Yep, I was and still to this day get a little overwhelmed at such an idea of myself.

Some 25 years have now passed since this vision, and though those years no physical temple has been as of yet.  However, what has happened is that I have continued to endeavor  to do that which Great Pop gives for me to do as best as I can.  This included doing drumming meditation and Prayer ceremonies for those that wished to participate as I moved about from South Texas to this North Carolina place that I for now still reside.  It did not take long for me to recognize that the drumming and Prayer ceremonies was the real "Church" that Great Pop desired for me to build!  The ultimate failure of my first attempt in "Church Building" in South Texas resulted in a significant realization to me in that I had no real "Foundation" for which to build upon.  In this I mean that the offering was multi-denominational and open to any and all that cared to participate with no defined platform of values or ideals. 

It was during this time also that in asking Great Pop what He would have me do, His response was to "Write This Book" that resulted in the material titled The Medicine Way as can be found in this website.  Soon after completing that material, I was invited to come to this North Carolina to help those here that had become interested in learning about the Medicine Way.  The book became a reference guide for just such an endeavor. 

While I was visiting, Great Pop had me go into the sun each day whereupon He showed me a continuing vision of what was to come in the way of Pole Shift.  When I returned home all that I could then do was to write and illustrate the second book that is titled the Great Spirits Plan.  At the point that I finished the second book, I realized that the Church was to become the foundation of a Tribe as well. 

It was also at the point that I finished the second book that I ended up moving here to North Carolina.  It was not long before Great Pop again had me start my second effort at Church building and in the process of that effort, He gave me the content of the material titled the Proper Way.  I quickly recognized that The Proper Way was indeed the very foundation of the Church and was to likewise become that of the Tribe. I also realized that the members of the Tribe would become many Tribes, that would become a Global Nation of such and that the Tribes would be built from those members of the Church that would choose to walk the Way of the Potikawah and thereby commit to the fulfillment of Great Pop's plan above and beyond anything else.

You see, Great Pop's plan is for those beings that should so choose, develop Spiritual Communities and live in accord to the Proper Way being that which Walks in Balance and with Harm to no one being or thing now or for all time to come.  This means living in total self sufficiency and sharing in brotherhood.  It is being respectful and responsible caretakers of that which Great Pop has provided us in this theme park called Life on Mother Earth.  It means being stewards of the land and respectful of any and all beings and things.  It also means continually endeavoring and doing only those things that support in maintaining the condition of Balance and Wellbeing of the All of Great Pop's Creation.   

Great Pop's plan is that we live in a manner that honors and respects each and everything and thus supports the children to come in the seventh generation yet born.  This is done through not poisoning the air, water or mother earth with nuclear and toxic residues.  It is done through reducing waste and becoming more self sufficient, after all there is still plenty for any and all if it is not hoarded or wasted.  It is done through safeguarding Nature, natural areas, and natural resources for those to come.  It is also done by learning more about Oneself, The All of The Great Web of Creation, The Great Spirit Creator, The Medicine Way of Being and Being in Life, and How to Walk the path of life as He intends for us. 

As one can tell this is all "Not always so easy".  To date I have made several attempts at establishing the Church and tribe and now I am to begin anew here.


The Church and Tribe are Named:



Because the Medicine of Rainbow is - Hope and Harmony and all beings with Rainbow Medicine have a great ability in working with water, light, color and sound and when they get in dilemma do well to take baths with Mineral Spirits and crystals being placed into the water, augmented with flowers or flower essences on top and turn off the lights and light different colored scented candles and play either flute, waterfall, or ocean sounds and renew easily this way.  As Rainbow Medicine indeed is that of Hope and Harmony beings of this Medicine do not do well in arenas of discord where beings are trying to better or take advantage of another or compete with little consideration for others as in these environments they will not only be of little comfort or success, they will often tend to get physically ill.  All Beings with Rainbow Medicine thrive and flourish where beings are operating in a respectful sharing way of Brotherhood Proper with equal respect and regard as well as sharing in an active way in the establishment or attainment of a common goal or ideal.  Just as the Rainbow in truth is a great circle or wheel that embraces the womb and belly of Mother Earth as well as the Creator in Father Sky, although we only see the Father Sky part, the Medicine of the Rainbow is that of bringing to earth the providence and blessings of the Creator in the most harmonious of way.  All beings with Rainbow Medicine indeed embrace the very conscious and purpose of the Earthwalk experience which is indeed that of Brotherhood Proper which is to Share in the Betterment of the Condition of Balance and Well-being in the All of His Creation and most important in an equal sharing way, such as that a brick mason would never be envious of the skill or craftsmanship of the carpenter only admiration and regard most Proper ever aspiring to heighten, and not competitively measure ones own and work collectively together such as for each to carry a separate end of a board to be used in the building or establishment of a common goal.


Because the Medicine of Star is - Multiplicity and all Star Medicine beings have a great ability at being able to do many things seemingly at once.  All Star Medicine beings do leave part of their consciousness in other worlds and not totally integrate into the Earthplane at incarnation and fly a lot so to speak in Spirit and consciousness to other places of existence.  All Star Medicine beings understand at a deeper level of consciousness the illusion of time and as they are ever conscious of how very fast they can operate and travel in other worlds, they all tend to embody a great sense of impatience about their worldly affairs on Mother Earth. It is because of this that all Star Medicine beings tend to be very impatient often tending to drive too fast and are usually late or early to appointments and seldom right on time as if they get to their destination with spare time, they will usually find some other activity or project to get involved in.  All Star Medicine Beings are ever about the process of keeping many irons in the fire so as to speak and the more things of involvement, the happier they tend to be and if they do finish one project they will typically have already initiated two or three more.  All Star Medicine are indeed capable of segmenting their conscious thereby enabling them to seemingly do many tasks simultaneously, much to the chagrin of Crystal beings which can only effectively operate in the single tasking mode effectively, however it is the nature of this desire for many interests that also tends to stifle completion of projects in the Star Medicine beings as well as they tend to loose focus on the initial objective this way.  Another trait of Star Medicine beings is that of typically continually hearing communication sounds or voices in their ears at all times as they are ever in some way in touch with the activities in other worlds and no worry should be placed here as it indeed is very normal for them to do so.  Star Medicine beings are typically very interactive and social by nature and the more opportunities that are available for them to experience or receive stimuli the happier they seem to become. All Star Medicine beings are continually seeking more, not less, inputs so as to test their flexibility and speed of transfer so as to speak sometimes with the result of exhaustion from overload.  All Star Medicine beings also typically will read several books at once, and have similar orientation to menial tasks as they are so painstakingly slow.  All Star Medicine beings can balance their multiplicity and impatience excesses with application of Crystal Medicine focus to get completion of projects or greater precision on any thing done.


Because the Medicine of Light is - Share, Illumination and Broadcast and all beings with Light Medicine are greatly enabled in all ways of distribution and communication be it through oratory,  illustration, or any other medium of expression.  Indeed as it might be imagined, all beings with Light Medicine are indeed Light sensitive but not in the ways as might be considered as Light Medicine beings are more affected by care taken or given to a thing than by any color ray of it and the shinier or more polished it becomes or is, the better.  It is indeed this shining, polishing and caretaking Medicine that is one of the major characteristics of Light Medicine beings coupled with a great desire as to how much better or farther they might make the Light reflect from an endeavor of their undertaking that gives them the greatest sense of satisfaction and esteem to self.  All Light Medicine beings are inherently Light workers ever trying to leave things better for their experience of or passing by them and always in the most caretaking and considerate of ways so as to not intentionally disrupt the balance of things and all Light workers are ever about sharing in the distribution of information that is truth so as to better enlighten oneself and all others and thereby stimulate the greatest Growth and Balance and Well-being to the All of His creation and not just to that of oneself.  All Light Medicine beings are positively affected by the brighter color rays but are equally affected by certain tones and sounds with the deeper vibrations providing greater energy in the way of tones.



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