The Medicine Way of How to Make Potions & Teas


   First to be considered is that in the Medicine Way which can be employed in doing anything in Life is the consciousness that each thing that exists has Spirit and it all comes from The Creator.  We really do not make anything, we only facilitate something to have an experience or expression because of our actions, or not.  The Wind comes because that is what it chooses to do.  If I respectfully call it by beseeching its Spirit in a respectful manner, then it is Proper and in the Medicine Way.  Also to be considered is the consciousness that the "making" of anything that it is a combination of separate entities.  Whether it an arrow, jewelry, or the simplest of meals, the proper and Medicine Way of it is to see it as a Sacred Union and Marriage of sorts.  Likewise, another consciousness to be considered is that whenever two entities are brought together, a third consciousness or Spirit of the group of them is born so to speak.  This last conscious is most important to maintain when making Potions and teas, as this overall conscious is like the Chief of the tribe of the separate elements.  Also to be considered is that the Medicine Way the Chief is only a spokesperson and representative of the individual elements of the group, not some taskmaster or overlord as some might consider.  Therefore in the "making" of  or doing anything in the Medicine Way, all of these consciousnesses are embraced and maintained throughout the process.  It is also given to add that the asking of anything, is the expression of a Prayer of Desire and should not be considered as some form of false worship or the like.  To Pray to or worship the Creator is different, yet both actions are indeed Prayer.  The final consciousness to be considered in this process and should be included in all others is that of Respectful Sharing.  In this regard, each and all elements are valued, and one's appreciation is all that one can give forth so that one can receive the benefit of their actions and support.  Unless one gives something first, Proper receivership will not be realized.

   We will next consider the difference between Potions and teas. One might best consider Potions to be causative in their Medicine and thereby essential nature, and teas to be sustaining or supportive.  From this understanding one can see how two separately prepared liquids that contain the same ingredients can actually have two different effects.  The difference will be realized in the Prayers that are expressed to each ingredient as well as to the Group Consciousness Spirit of the completed union of them.  For instance, a simple composition of water and cinnamon-sticks can yield a curative and purging effect to toxins and irritants in the systems, or it can be an elixir of energizing and hydrating fluid for the body to use.  What is the difference?  Prayers expressed in the facilitation of such to become, and hence and always, Motive.

       It is given to state at this point that the process of combining elements and thereby “Marry” them into a union of sorts is to be considered Sacred be it in this process or others, like the making of Medicine jewelry.  In each case, I will personally take each element into my mouth and “Marry” it first as I know that some of my atoms will join it and some of it will become in me.  Each bead or leaf of a plant is treated the same way.  I marry the stones that go into the pot as well as the water in this same way, and yes I  have licked quite a few pots, sticks, and all sorts of animals and so forth in respect to this.  I do this whether the product of such endeavor is for myself or others.

     I often prepare Potions and teas for both curative and preventative medicinal applications. However, teas and Potions are also prepared for their calling Medicine as well as changing Medicine qualities.  I begin the preparation of teas and Potions by the cleansing and prayer over the pot that they are prepared in, and then finding and talking to the Mineral Spirit stones that wish to help this way.  The Medicine of most of the different stones that I use in Potions and teas are listed in the material of Mineral Spirit Knowledge portion of the Medicine Way book that is available through   In the preparation of teas and potions I will typically use four and sometimes seven Medicine stones.  I begin the process by Prayer over the stones in askance for assistance and then placing them gently in the water at the beginning of the procedure.  The Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Tourmaline or Quartz Crystal are always good choices as enablers and others may be added or substituted depending upon the purpose or need.  Again I will mention that I always ask first which stones wish to help in this way and allow them to tell me, respectful sharing again you see.  As I place them in the pot I say a Prayer of thanks and then state what I desire specifically from each of them to add to the finished substance.  As one might suspect, this process is valid in making anything at all.  When the process of their use is completed, I cleanse them in salt water, and thank them again for their help and care.  It is always beneficial for the stones to then be placed in the sun between uses when applied this way.  I keep the Mineral Spirits that I use in Potions and teas on a ledge in my kitchen window and separate from others.  They are constantly bathed in sun and moon shine this way.  I also have healing plants there and they are very good friends.

   Next, I carefully place the stones upon the bottom of the pot and add the water to it, also with Prayer for the work that I wish it to do and ask for Harmony of the substances this way.  As the heat is applied to the pot, I then Pray for the Spirit of Transformation to begin and continue through the life of the Potion or tea as I call it.  As the water becomes active, I select and say a separate Prayer over each Plant Spirit substance relative to its specific qualities and Medicine and thereby honoring it and its support to the process and product as it is added to the water.  The material of Plant Spirit Medicine in the Medicine Way book that is available through gives just such Medicine and Essential Natures.  I also always add them in the most caring and Respectful way.  After all of the substances are added and the pot is brought to full boil, I say a prayer of Thanksgiving and Release for each element and the All of it to become the fullest expression of it's and their, next New Selves and the Sharing and Union of the Love and Medicine of each of the components.  It is also at this point that I will honor and express my Prayer of Desire to the Group Consciousness Spirit of the composition of them.  In this I am most specific as to what effect is desired upon any physical body part or organ, disease element, pain source, and so forth as well as the overall condition and consciousness of the individual that is to be involved.

   I always enjoy the music of the stones as they dance upon the bottom of the pot, and I am always refreshed by the beautiful aromas that this process makes.  After the Potion is brought to full boil typically for five (Fulfillment) to seven (Ordination) minutes, I will remove it from the heat and allow it to sit and relax for a while.  Each period of boiling will vary upon the consciousness involved as well as the purpose and intended outcome.  Therefore, it is given to include this list of the Medicine of Numbers from the Book of the same name that is also available through as follows:

1 (Direction), 2 (Union), 3 (Trinity), 4 (Resonance), 5 (Fulfillment), 6 (Passion), 7 (Ordiantion), 8 (Resource), 9 (Openness), 10 (Completion), 11 (Mirroring), 12 (Ceremony), 13 (Purpose), 14 (Metamorphosis), 15 (Realization), 16 (Actualization).  We will stop here as any more boiling and one will probably be out of water.

   After the Potion or tea has cooled but is still warm to some degree, I will strain it into another container.  I will also in Prayer, then add either Honey and/or Molasses as is given for each specific use or effect.  It is given to mention here that typically honey is given to be added for sweetening but more for its ability in suppressing allergic or sinus reactions in the spring time.  The Molasses with its high mineral content, helps in the reduction of susceptibility to catching colds in the fall and winter time.  This is because the Molasses helps stabilize the metabolism against the dramatic changes in temperature encountered during these seasons.  After all of the components are blended and stabilized, a final prayer for Thankfulness and effectiveness is given to the Potion or tea and it is ready to do the work as desired.

    The following is what I call a stock Tea or Potion and is pretty much a foundation for most of what is given for me to prepare with usually only a few other ingredients added for their specific Medicine and enhancement.  This stock potion is always a good one to use in itself as it has assimilation Medicine and helps in the transfer of fluids between the tissues and cell walls and all membranes such as that.  People often remark at how good these potions taste and that is as it should be, because they are made with great care and love and that truly is where Plant Spirit is at.


   The Mineral Spirits I will generally use are:

     Amethyst   Citrine   Tourmaline   Aventurine


    The Plant Spirits are:

      2 Cinnamon Sticks
     1/4 Nutmeg Chipped    
     1 Bay Leaf or Cherry Laurel or Pine Needle sprout
     1 Pinch of Mugwort or Catnip

      If sucking Medicine is desired for removal of toxins add:

       1 Rose Quartz Mineral Spirit stone
       1 Spanish Moss fresh clump from the West side of tree

      If sucking Medicine is desired for the removal of pain also add to the above:

       1 Willow twig and 2 leaves

     If sucking Medicine is desired to initiate menses add to the above:

       2 Pinches additional Mugwort

     If sucking Medicine is desired for stomach distress instead of the additional Mugwort add:

       1 Oak Bark  3" piece, innerpart of bark is most important
       4 Oak or Elm leaves
       1/2 Vanilla Bean


    While these are a general form of curative Potions, a tea that is prepared this way from the initial ingredients of Cinnamon and Nutmeg and consumed on a regular basis will always enhance your wellbeing and life.  To that I would only recommend the occasional addition of the Vanilla Bean portion of the rest.

    It is important to add here that it is equally important that the receiver of the Potion or tea is also of Prayer for its performance and of specific consciousness of the Union that takes place during their consumption and use of such.  Being as specific to any ailment or target will always enhance its potential effect.  And simply put, that is the Medicine Way of it....