The MEDICINE of White Eagle


An example of the wealth of insight that can be realized in finding out one's Ever Name and Medicine as given in the book is as follows for myself:



Color Medicine are naturalizing expressions of the Spiritual consciousness and persona of a being, and beings with a color in their name are always reflective and operate at some level of reflection in their thinking and decision making processes as in reflection one is ever in touch with one's conscience, the Creator, and all of the parts of oneself in true spirit as well as the physical form.



White is the color ray of Spirit and all beings with White ray Medicine are ever conscious of the truth of the Spirit as being the essence and nature of all things. All beings with White Medicine indeed are ever more conscious of their Spiritual being than physical in every way and are constantly in search of better ways of personal expression that allows for it to become most evidenced in them in their earthwalk and everything that they do. All beings with White ray Medicine have a great consciousness of the Creator and are ever striving to include Him in each and everything that they do and develop a life method that allows for their highest expression of Him in each self.

White ray Medicine beings tend to operate somewhat alone in their life expression of Growth. However, they also tend to seek to serve the Creator though deep personal relationships with others in the group or singular context. All White ray Medicine beings indeed aspire to shine the Creator's Light and Love through the vessel of self and are seldom bothered by the fact that others may not choose to do so. White ray Medicine beings are deeply affected by all of the color spectrum especially as concerns the emotional body of self and the reactions to the Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Green are the strongest with Brown, Black, Turquoise, bringing forth the greatest benefit of calming as well as Orange and Pink as stimulant in remedial use. All White ray Medicine beings are positively stimulated by the scents of Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg, as well as all berries and earthy scents. White ray Medicine people are positively influenced in the environment by candles of the Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue, and Black rays.


All beings created are indeed in the process given a certain dynamic to their individual pattern of self and natural tendency of behavior that is similar to and represented by, an animal form when beings are operative in the Earthplane. Just as some may or may not embody in the Creator's original idea of them a Medicine such as crystal or fire, all beings do ever embrace and exhibit an specific animal form. While the animal forms described are specific to the North American continent, they have parallel or similar complimentary forms in other areas such as the African Elephant is almost identical to that of the North American Buffalo and so forth. Upon having a curiosity as to the number and variations of the animal forms presented in vision during naming, while preparing this document I was given to ask The Creator as to the choices as it seemed that there was a limited number presented over the years and the understanding about such was given as follows:

There are only twenty-eight animal forms of the Medicine of beings as created and this number also relates to the four cycles of seven or completion and Shamanism. There are no representative animal forms that are as might be considered domesticated, or beasts of burden such as horse, dog, cow, or cat and while many of the animal forms might be considered to be of a predatory nature, this nature is to be dismissed as being a quality or nature about their true being or Medicine. Also of significance is that the total of the animal kingdom is represented from the mammal, bird, insect, and reptile as well being in all of the categories of motivation such as swimmers, fliers, and walkers.


The Eagle in aboriginal societies has often held the position of the highest ranking as it flies to the highest position in the skies and therefore reaches the closest position to the Great Spirit Father there. Of extremely good eyesight and speech with good hearing as well, the Eagle is another of the Fliers that mates in mid air. The Eagle typically will mate for life and is a great nest builder and caretaker for its young. Of great strength, the Eagle has been known to take a young Goat or Deer straight up off a rocky ledge.

All Eagles are excellent fishermen as well, as they seem to psychically know where the fish are at as they sweep down over the water without looking down, and in a single motion, snatch large fish from the depths and carry these away with such grace and ease. The Osprey, or Fishing Eagle, being of smaller size but ever an Eagle and of great intellect, will most often turn its prize fish as to be head first in flight back to its nest as it knows all about aerodynamics as well. Little goes by unnoticed from any Eagle and often they will sit for long periods just watching the goings on as well as be constant observers in flight. Being also a migratory bird, the Eagle develops a great cognizance of a very large territory. The Eagle alone or in society is a dauntless bird as it lives its experience pretty much on the edge. Some may view it as all seeing and knowing, and in the aboriginal way all feeling. The Eagle not only has extremely great eyesight, but also from its highest flights, can make noises that truly all of Mother Earth and those upon it can hear.

The Eagle is not a warrior for warrior sake, like some cultures have led us to believe, but a compassionate caring species that lives its life in a very passionate way. Fearless and dauntless, the Eagle fears not even the predations of the Snake upon its nest and often will allow a Snake to take one of the early eggs as it knows that in time, the Snake will also make a good meal for the one that develops. Eagles are magnificent fliers and dashing hunters that are fast enough to take grouse and ptarmigan on the wing as well as attack mammals up to the size of a deer and prefer to live in high places, remote open areas, mountains, forests and near the water, and prefer the salty kind. As some Eagles migrate to the southern regions in winter time, they always return to the same nesting place and have a deep desire and sense of home. If the previous nest is destroyed by the winter conditions, a new one is constructed and if still present great additions are always added on making for some very huge structures at times. Eagles mate in the air and are passionate in their expressions of care and love as well as being extremely fiercely protective of family, nest, territory, and home. The Medicine of the Eagle is also that of whichever you might choose in it to be, as the Eagle is ever desires to be in service to The Great Spirit in some way.

The Medicine of the Eagle is that of being The Spiritual Leader and Loyal and Trusting Way finder to the Source and His Light, Love and Benefactions supporting the Brotherhood, Growth, and Well-being of all Creation and The Dauntless Warrior and Advocate of Truth, Honor, Integrity, and support to the Balance, Dignity and Way of Brotherhood in the Condition of All Things in Creation.

Indeed the Medicine of the Eagle can also be said That which is, and becomes of and past, All Understanding in its way of Commitment and Trust as well as Heart and Courage in Support to the Well-being in the Brotherhood condition of All of Creation. The Eagle is the path or way finder, the light bringer to understanding, and Honor, Strength, and Courage are only sometimes necessary tools it uses in the walking of the path. Beings with Eagle Medicine are the natural leaders, revolutionaries, warriors, and way finders of society and for all Eagle Medicine beings trust and honor are very deep seeded in their consciousness and emotional body of self.

All Eagle Medicine beings are natural leaders as well as loyal students and followers as long as the path is that of truth and can be staunch allies or formidable opponents where their convictions are concerned of which they are most open in their expression thereof. All Eagle Medicine Beings are indeed tremendously loyal and when a trust is betrayed, they seldom will have anything more to do with that individual. Indeed leadership is one of the qualities of Eagle Medicine beings who are often willing to sacrifice themselves so that others might indeed walk the path in safety. Eagle Medicine beings are also astute data and information gathers as well as resource identifiers and caretakers or resources as well as people in every way. All Eagle Medicine beings are indeed professors of the truth but also very ardent communicators in every way, just ask one.

Eagle Medicine beings are doers in life and very physical in their expressions, most often given to activity as a method of balance and release. The Medicine of the Eagle being is that of being a Resource finder, Pathfinder, The Way, Knowledge, Truth, Honor, Strength, and most of all, Light and Love. Ask any Eagle and they intuitively will know where everything is at, and usually without looking for it. The Eagle does not make the path or even say what one should see there, but most often it has seen it and might merely say, I know. Know well sure that the Eagle lives with great passion and feeling about the condition of all things and with a great sensitivity to such. The Eagle has not just Knowing Medicine but also with a strong dedication to truth and sharing. Eagle Medicine beings most often prefer to be on the perimeter of a gathering or event as they are ever ready to spread wing and fly, once they have satisfied what it is that the may have come to see or experience.

All Eagle Medicine beings are very true and monogamous in their relationships and indeed truly desire to mate for life. Eagle Medicine beings can also be quite stubborn in their way as for them the direction is more important than the means, and may often tend to become monopolistic in their communications or actions and unknowingly may become quite seemingly self absorbed, as the passion for their expression becomes much in the way of Mountain and Crystal Medicine. All Eagle Medicine beings are very sensitive to the condition of their nest often preferring larger to smaller ones with a penchant for things to be in order and therefore good condition and in place. All Eagle Medicine beings quickly will notice the unique in any condition and situation with great inquisitiveness about most anything. Eagle Medicine beings are Natural leaders in any endeavor and their personal expressions may include performing as counselors, Spiritual leaders, teachers, warriors, explorers, physicians, administrators, inventors, or caretaking in any way.

All Eagle Medicine beings do not take criticism very well as they are very sensitive about their personal image, especially as it is regarded by others as they tend to always want to be held in high esteem, not for the Sake of ego, but so as to better be of guidance to others and service to the Creator in some way. Eagle Medicine beings are very similar in their nature to those with Ocean Medicine in that they are ever seeking to expand the boundaries of their individual capabilities of self and ever supportive to others, but are very reluctant to ask for or accept, any help from them. Eagle Medicine beings are very dedicated parents as well as members of family or tribe and if one statement might be said to express Eagle Medicine it is that of way finding, commitment, and trust with a great passion and reverence. All Eagle Medicine beings are close to Mother Earth and nature and when in dilemma going to the mountain, river, ocean, or stream are very therapeutic and balancing for them as well as the eating of seafood or fish of any kind.

Beings with Eagle Medicine in dilemma will usually withdraw from others and exhibit a stiffness in the middle of the back or neck, or problems in the stomach, legs, shoulders, arms, heart, head, feet, and throat and upper respiratory tract. Problems with the feet and hands reflect a constraint in personal expression through fear or a restriction in some way. Problems with the legs of Eagle Medicine beings reflect a discomfort in current occupation of personal expression and problems of the feet reflect issues in security or comfort in the current pursuit or endeavor and the serious need for nurturing will always appear here. When in abuse or improper conditions of relationship, Eagle Medicine beings will tend to have problems of the respiratory tract and affectations to the rhythm of the heart as it truly is the very heart of the Eagle Medicine being that is the driving force in its consciousness and the areas affected when the problem is indeed the most serious. Problems of the back for Eagle Medicine beings reflect a problem of stifflement or freedom in their personal expression and being stifled in some way in the pursuit of current goals and objectives.

Problems in the neck of Eagle Medicine beings reflect a condition of imbalance in the giving and receiving arena and problems of the stomach reflect a condition of not being appreciated in one's endeavor or efforts. Problems of the shoulders, head, heart and circulatory signify that one is not doing or able to do what one desires in their life expression and are indicative of entity or witchcraft influences being resultant from negative will being projected by others against them. Problems in the arms of Eagle Medicine beings reflect a condition of impasse or stalemate in the progress toward the current objective and problems of the throat reflect a condition of stifflement of expression or inability to communicate their heart felt desire and it being received positively in some way.

Eagle Medicine beings are naturally athletic and physical in their natural expressions and are balanced by physical activity and do well to walk, construct things, sing and dance often in and throughout one's life and all Eagle Medicine beings are natural storytellers, writers, and teachers of every fashion. Eagle Medicine beings are positively affected by the colors of yellow, blue, turquoise, orange, and green, with a negative effect to gray, and harsher shades of red and gray with white, brown, purple, pink, and black providing the most benefit in remedial conditions. Eagle Medicine beings are not very nose sensitive and are positively affected by water and spicy scents, hot cocoa, cinnamon, sassafras, allspice, clove, musk, vanilla, cherry, cedar and sage.