Have You Ever Wondered:

Why You Are Motivated to Do Certain Things At Certain Times & In Certain Ways?

Why You Feel Like You Are Different Than Your Other Family Members or Friends?

Why You Like Certain Things That Others Do Not?

Why You Feel Like You Do Not Always Belong?

Who and What You Really Are?


The answer to these questions that most all of us have felt at times in our life can easily be understood and resolved when one realizes their real identity and nature as being a Unique and Special child of a loving Creator that most call God. In reality, the Creator made no two things exactly the same. Yet, we are taught early on in life that we should behave as well as see and desire things in the same way as everyone else. However, our true inner child and self that most call their Spirit knows better. Hence the conflict begins early on and usually continues throughout one's life expression on Mother Earth. One might next ask: Why should I care, or How will knowing such help Me? The answer is simple, it will help one easily be Oneself, at all times, and in all situations.

The present practice and convention of naming an individual in the prevalent culture is the carrying forward of the last name of the Paternal parent which actually has it's roots as being an origin or occupational description such as Miller, Cooper, or Smith. When a child is born to Mr. and Mrs. Cooper they would choose and assign in most cases, a first and middle name with the middle name usually honoring one of the Maternal relatives in some way. While this was not always the case, it was pretty much typical. In this methodology and practice, oftentimes even the first name of the child would be respective of some family member or friend. I did the very same for my daughter whom I named Jacqueline in respect to a very dear friend named Jack that had just passed on shortly before her birth. While such an act did serve to honor the memory of Jack, it really did not necessarily honor or support the discovery of the unique and special qualities of my daughter, whom just happens to have Serpent Medicine.

In doing a little investigation as to the influence of names, I realized that while the last name might relate primarily to occupation in a sense, in the greater sense it seems to represent a type of orientation or natural goal in a way. I then recognized that in most instances, the middle name of an individual in the conventional method of naming seems to represent a balancing force or resource that might serve to remind them of an inner ability or truth. The first name I found to be a kind of ideal or image, such as how one wishes others to see them like Joan or Paul and so forth. In this conventional method of naming, most often the individuality of the being that is thuswise named is lost to the intent and desires of it's parentage.

A long time ago I asked Great Pop: "Father, Why do we have names"?

His response was: "To remember Who and What You Are, Little One".

I was then given to remember that in all aboriginal times and cultures, each individual had a unique identity and thereby name. In such times and societies, the birth of a child was seen and cherished as a gift to the tribe as a whole and the child was not seen as the property of one or two individuals as is the current practice. In such conditions, all of the members of the tribe were its relatives. All individuals that were older than its natural parents were it's grandparents, and those of the same age as it's parents were it's aunts and uncles. Also in all circumstances, each individual did all that they could to support the growth and wellbeing of the child as well as continue to support the Discovery of the Medicine and thereby Essential Nature of the child. In no way or circumstance did any member of the tribe ever define the child. Instead, they would only continue to support the child's continuing discovery of it's Medicine and thereby Potential in itself.

In such times and conditions, the child might in fact have many names in a lifetime, some reflecting past deeds and others future ambitions or goals. Also in such times and conditions, the parents or a visionary would oftentimes have a vision that would describe the Medicine of a child and that would be it's name at birth. Since birth, I have had such an ability in being able to see just such a vision about an individual. Throughout my earlier years I was given to use this vision to give them a name when asked. Later, I was to find that like so many other Medicine people with this capability, this type of name and vision predominately could be considered to be a Life Lesson Name. This is because it predominantly described the Potential that the individual was pursuing as a Life ambition or goal. Like other Medicine people I have at times been given to see the Medicine or Essential Nature that an individual is currently using to accomplish their current objective. This Name or vision I then learned could be considered to be their Now name.

As I write these words I am personally using Blue Whale Medicine. Therefore, I could be said to have a Now name of Blue Whale Man. Many years ago Great Pop told me that from that time forward, whenever I would go into my drum or rattle and seek a vision about someone, He would show me the beginning idea of them and this would be known as their Ever Name. The Ever Name is a description of one's Essential Nature and represents the composite Medicines of one's True Spirit. Unlike the Life or Now name, the Ever Name does not change from moment to moment or between lifetimes. While I am currently using Blue Whale Medicine to write this, I am and will always be, simply and Ever, White Eagle.

One might ask: How will knowing such things help oneself in life?

The answer is simple, it depends upon how one applies the Understanding that goes with it. As one learns the specialness of the Nature of one's Spirit and thereby personal Medicine, then one can apply such in all of one's situations and choices. As one has a greater awareness of the true nature and thereby perfection of one's Spirit, one becomes in the way of Real Personal Empowerment. The empowerment comes from knowing one's specialness as seen through the eyes of the Creator and thereby one can easily tap into the greater Potential of oneself at any time and in any situation. By knowing the unique Essential Nature and thereby Medicine of oneself, one is less susceptible to potentially negative or stifling influences from others. Also through knowing such about oneself, one is enabled to be potentially more easily successful in one's relationships and any other personal expressions in one's path of life. This is real and true because the more that one is consciously aware and of proper esteem in their unique specialness and thereby Medicine, then it is much easier for one to accept and look for that in all other beings and things.

If I am an Eagle, it is natural for me to talk a lot and look for the unique in whatever is going on. The fact that most other people that I am around do not care about such does not mean that there is something wrong with me, or them. It only means that I am an Eagle, and they probably are not. My daughter is a Serpent. Appearance is important to Serpent people and they are naturally not easy to get up in the morning. So in her growing time and later years even, in Understanding the Serpent Medicine that is an Essential Nature in her, I should allow for both for her to be able to comfortably start each day.

One can select Elvis or White Eagle now to view the information provided in the book about him or myself if desired.

What service is being offered in Naming will not be that of one's Now name as it will probably change before any response is made. However, if one will Print one's full name, sex, and date of birth on a plain piece of paper and mail it to the address below, I will respond with one's Ever name and Life name. It is important that this be done in one' own hand as it is from one's own handwriting that I will be able to sense one's unique pattern of Spiritual vibration. To facilitate the naming of children that are too young to write, please have them make a mark below the same information provided for them by their parent or guardian.

Note: The process can be shortened if one includes that one desires the response to be made by E-mail.

Over the years I have named over a thousand individuals this way with very positive results. Recommended is for each family to get at least one copy of the naming book as a most comprehensive explanation of the aspects of their nature is described therein. Many people have made such Naming a gift to a family member and all relationships are benefited from the Understanding gained from such awareness and discovery. Needless to say this is something that will take a little time and will have to be passed through the mail both ways.

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