The service that is being offered in Naming will not be that of one's Now name as it will probably change before any response is made. However, if one will Print one's full name, sex, and date of birth on a plain piece of paper and mail it to the address below, I will respond with one's Ever name and Life name. It is important that this be done in one' own hand as it is from one's own handwriting that I will be able to sense one's unique pattern of Spiritual vibration. To facilitate the naming of children that are too young to write, please have them make a mark below the same information provided for them by their parent or guardian.

Note: The process can be shortened if one includes that one desires the response to be made by E-mail.

Over the years I have named over a thousand individuals this way with very positive results. Recommended is for each family to get at least one copy of the naming book as a most comprehensive explanation of the aspects of their nature is described therein. Many people have made such Naming a gift to a family member and all relationships are benefited from the Understanding gained from such awareness and discovery. Needless to say this is something that will take a little time as it will have to be passed through the mail. 

It is important to specify here that the Amounts do include all shipping and handling costs as well.

Please select the type of equipment being used before ordering Books.
Considerations of Compensation for this service is as follows:

Item Code




Name 1 Family Member
(Naming Book Included)


Name a Second Family Member (Without Book)



Name Additional Family Members (Without Book)



Naming Book on CD






To receive Naming, please submit a separate piece of paper for each individual with information in their own hand as described above with check or money order payable to White Eagle as well as one's return address and E-Mail address and send to:

White Eagle
5532 Aberdeen Place
Fayetteville, NC 28303


If you wish to Order Online by Credit Card or Check in a Very Secure system,

Simply Select the Item Code desired.

The Request will be completed when the required sample is received in the mail.



As mentioned, all monies received will be considered as supporting contributions so that White Eagle may continue to "Bring The Creator's Word to the Mountaintop". If there are any problems or defects with the materials sent as these things do sometimes occur in shipping, please return them to the address above within thirty (30) days of the original shipping date and we will replace them with working copies.