I am not a physical Being looking for a Spiritual experience,

I am a Spirit looking for a physical one!!


And in that reality as a Spirit, this is -


How We Really Do Things



Wherever we are, be it inside Great Pop’s / the Creator’s Essential Will or outside of it in one of the many “theme parks” that He has made for us to experience and express ourselves in, including Mother Earth, it is His ingenious design of an amendable personal structure that allows us to independently make choices and do things. The essential nature of anything is it’s Medicine / essence, therefore all things have and are Medicine / essence. Within our personal structures are operatives of various designs and configurations that allow us to do things with the essences that we embody, or channel to and through us in the various ways and means that we have to experience and express ourselves. The whole purpose of operatives is to direct and channel essences like a hose does with water, and most of our expressions are done through the specialized operatives that are called our “Wills.” Our heart and mind are compartmentalized operatives, which primarily deal with internal things like thinking and caring, but it is the specialized operatives of our Wills that we use to do something with those thoughts and cares, including pumping blood and walking.

In True Spirit we have two Wills in our personal structures, a soul Will, and a free Will. These two Wills are what we use to process things internally and just plain “be ourselves with,” as individual Spirits. While our soul Will is all about doing things with our Spiritual Body and supporting and supplying it that way, it is our free Will that is perhaps the most complex and dynamic, in that it is what we use to express ourselves with, as well as is the very means by which we make choices. We do use the decision factory within the compartmentalized operative of our mind to weigh out the advantages versus costs and dangers of acting upon certain thoughts that pass through the canals of our mind operatives, but that does not make anything happen. Why? Because so far we are just doing things with ideas, or thoughts, that are internal to ourselves. Any and all personal actions can only occur as the result of a free Will choice to make that personal expression. This is real and true for all things both internal and external to us, whether we are incarnate or inside Great Pop’s Essential Will. Therefore, to incarnate anywhere can only occur as a “free Will choice expression” made from a decision factory choice of our mind operative.

So, at this point we are inside Great Pop’s Essential Will and decide to incarnate into the theme park of Mother Earth to experience and learn the “Brotherhood Lessons” that is the theme of this arena of outer (meaning outside Great Pop’s Essential Will) experience. We put that decision into action by making it a free Will choice expression, which puts the process in motion.

Within that particular process our personal structure is amended with the additions of a heart Will and heart attitude, and an ego, ego Will and ego attitude. The primary functions of these amendments are to support the Physical body that they all become a part of. A personal supply of a “pseudo” essence called fear is associated between the ego operative and the Physical body. The ego can use fear to direct the physical body to action - like run away from a poisonous snake or forest fire.

All of our expressions / actions are simply our making decisions into choices by expressing some of our individual and inexhaustible supply of life force and kinetic energies through one or more of our Wills. Our Wills are seated within our eyes when incarnated, and to focus the flow of any form of energy through one of our Wills, one can most easily do it by shutting one’s eyes and connecting one’s mind with one’s Root Center, which is within one’s sexual organs. An example of this reality is to watch the birth of any Being or thing and you will see a tightly closed-eyed individual, often screaming, as an ego Will expression of one of the many faces of its pseudo essence of fear, the one that we call pain.  

Every personal expression that an individual makes or not, is due to its having first made a decision in its mind operative, based upon its true value system in its heart operative or its false value system in its ego operative. It can then only occur if the individual does something about that decision by expressing some type of energy / essence mix through one or more of its four Wills as a free Will choice to do so. This process is how all things are done subsequent to its birth, for each and every Being or thing that exits in the Creator’s Essential Will and incarnates into this arena of Love & Brotherhood lessons that we call Mother Earth, or any arena of their choosing. And of course it continues until it makes a free Will choice to exit and return back to the Essential Will of the Creator, or hangs around for a while as a Discarnate (Ghost) in The Zones for a period of time before returning. And if you are wondering, yes, this is most definitely one of Great Pop’s better designs and ideas!



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