A Herbal Cancer Remedy / Cure


(This remedy is based upon the Sweet Wormwood plant)



Back in August of this 2015 year my 7 year old, 96 pound Yellow Lab & “Big Puppy” was given just a few days to live.  The vet only gave me a prescription of 20mg Prednisone to ease the pain of having cancer in his lymph nodes.  Other than that I only got her death sentence of which was devastating to me.  Tia Likki has been my constant 4 legged partner as has my 15 year old American short hair kitty named TohNaWah.  My first response was to ask Great Pop for help and what to do.  He told me that I was a Medicine man so I should remedy the condition that way like I have done for several 2 leggeds (humans) in the past.

In the Medicine Way of preparing any type of remedy, in most cases it is important that the individual that prepares the doses also ingests a small part of each ingredient so as to act as a balancer and blending buffer of sorts so that the ingredients come together before they are asked to do any specific task or undertaking.  It is also important to know and understand the Medicine of each ingredient as that provides the preparer the necessary knowledge as to what to prayerfully ask of each ingredient to do after it is added to the mixture.  Finally, in any type of remedy technique one must consider and include all parts of the body that will be impacted by what you do to just one part of it.  Only by providing support to the other affected organs like the Liver, which must remove the waste from what I am doing to Tia Likki’s lymph glands, can a return to balance and thus full and complete remedy and healing occur.


From Plant Spirit Medicine in the Medicine Way -





Not to be confused with the wormroot plant, the Medicine of Wormwood is about Bringing Forth Balance in our walk in life.  The medicinal parts of the Wormwood plant are in its leaves, flowers, and tops.  In potions and teas, Wormwood will stimulate the appetite as well as all conditions of the circulatory system, and aid in all properties of the digestive tract. External application of the potion or tea will act as a pain reliever to muscles and joints.

Caution must be taken when using the pure oil, as it is a poison so use with moderation.


Recently, as in 25 years later, when ingesting Sweet Wormwood and asking Great Pop what its Medicine was, I was shown a dark global shape with a sliver of white light shooting upward beneath its right edge.  Then I was given to understand that it meant the Dawn or Opening and Beginning of New Life as the right is always related to The Future.





The Medicine of Mugwort is that of Forever I Can, or perhaps best stated Realizing the Power of Prayer.  Mugwort is often added to the tobacco in my Medicine Pipe and its medicinal parts are the rootstock and herb.  Mugwort in teas and potions is a mild purgative, stimulates the appetite, refreshes all conditions of the digestive system, can aid in the regulation of menstruation and assists in the Renewall to balance the condition of all systems.  In poultices Mugwort is a good pain remedy and provides relief of itching from poison oak.  While I have been given by Great Pop to use Mugwort in many other types of Cancer remedies, this time Great Pop had me deviate from giving it to Tia Likki at this time.  Remembering then that Mugwort has a great impact and remedy potential for the Liver, I realized it would be a duplication of what I was already doing with Milk Thistle and Dandelion.  I liken Mugwort’s Medicine to that of a very strong and effective Vacuum Cleaner.



ARTEMISININ - (Sweet Wormwood)


Artemisia annua, also known as sweet wormwood, sweet annie, sweet sagewort, annual mugwort or annual wormwood, is a common type of wormwood native to temperate Asia, but naturalized in many countries including scattered parts of North America.

 It is the “Sweet Wormwood” variety of the Mugwort family that is the primary source of the Artemisinin derivative which is a confirmed cure for certain types of Cancer and may in fact be found to even more beneficial in the near future.

When ingesting Artemisinin derivative that I have been using for Tia Likki’s Cancer in his Lymph glands and asking Great Pop what its Medicine was, I saw a large Great White Shark like one of my Spirit guides named Ee-Wy-Aay.  This shark was leaping up and halfway through the water as it was biting through some large rusted chain and eating it as if it were food.  While my first thought was that it was a Cancer eating substance I then considered that its Medicine was even stronger and that of being A Determined Liberating Force.  His is why I feel that it has many more uses in remedy than just that of Tia Likki’s type of Cancer.





Artemisinin is mostly fat soluble, meaning it is absorbed much better in the presence of fatty substances.   When beginning to develop potions and remedies I search through all available resources to find out as much as possible.  When researching Artemisinin, I discovered that most proven cases of Cancer remedy successes came with the inclusion of Sodium Butyrate or Butyrex of which both contain 3.6 g of Bytyric Acid and is the main “Goodie” that we want to use.  Butyrate is marketed as being a short chain fatty acid and is comprised of - Butyric acid, sodium hydroxide, and medium chain triglycerides with 4g of fat and 940mg of sodium, which is why I got interested in using the Butyrex instead.  Butyrex is marketed as being a Calcium/Magnesium Butyrate Complex that also has the same 3.6g Butyric Acid content and 4g of fat with No sodium or so they say.  Instead of the sodium, we get 480mg of calcium and 240mg of magnesium.  For those of you that want to make it yourself, the ingredients are listed as being - Butyric acid, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and medium chain triglycerides.

When ingesting Butyrex and asking Great Pop, I saw that it was much like a conveyor belt that was feeding any undesirable stuff like Cancer cells to the Great White Shark.



Cod Liver or Flaxseed Oils


When researching Artemisinin, I discovered that most proven cases of Cancer remedy successes came with the inclusion of either Cod Liver Oil or Flaxseed Oils.  When ingesting Cod Liver Oil and asking Great Pop about its Medicine I was given to see that it was support to movement and thereby Flow.  Remarkably, when doing the same for Flaxseed Oil I was given to se that its Medicine was that of a tornado or rotating force that caused the removal of things.  From this understanding I recognized the wisdom in Great Pop’s telling me to give Tia Likki the Cod Liver Oil in the first dose of Artemisinin each day and the Flaxseed Oil in the second and thereby last dose of each day.





As with the oils, when researching remedies that work with dogs I found that most if not all of them recommended giving Vitamin D3 with the Artemisinin in each dose or application.  And like the oils and Butyrex, I am certain that this “Go With” should work for humans as well.  So I ingested some out of a “Soft-gel” and asked Great Pop what its Medicine was, I was given to understand that it was Support to Change, which clearly made sense to me.






When I initially tried to give Tia Likki the different ingredients of each dose, they were in the capsules and I failed miserably.  That was coupled with it causing a lot of stress on both of us which would negate some or most of what we wanted to get to happen.  I then asked Great Pop who told me to take the time to remove the contents of each capsule or soft gel and mix them with water to form a solution that would pass through the small hole at the end of an oral syringe.  Once I could get all 100 pounds (45.3kg) of Tia Likki to sit down, I would force his mouth to open and squirt the mixture down his throat.  Most of the time this would work without problem and if not, I would scrape the stuff off of whatever it ended up on and try to get it down his throat.  While this might seem like another stressful condition, it was much less than that of any other technique.

As far as the amounts of each ingredient goes, at present I am giving him “about”, as it keeps changing when I ask Great Pop, 5oo mg of Artemisinin with 600mg of Butyrex and 10,000iu of D3 and 530mg of Cod Liver Oil or 1g of Flaxseed Oil.







Tia Likki on Christmas 2015

(That the vet said he would not be alive for and gave me nothing at all to fix the problem with.)



Tia Likki took his last breath and exited on Jan. 2, 2016, which is the very same day of the year that he showed up at my front door and life in 2007.
At this time I am not certain as to what exactly caused his death, his front lymph glands were normal sized and not swollen at all.
I still believe in wormwood and artemisinin and I will continue using it until something better is identified.
I do wish that someone would provide better and more comprehensive dosing information as well as other herbs or things that may be needed or of help.


White   Eagle