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Golden Crystal Mountain

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Climbing Turtle Man

One Word Name -

Koh-Tosh Na-Tiah-Kay-Koh Kallah-Hey-Wah

Mineral Spirit Totem

Citrine - The Stone of Prayer & Bringing Forth



Rainbow Ocean SunRise Speaking Otter Man






The Medicine of Elvis Presley Explained:


 GOLD (Or Golden) -

Gold or Yellow ray Medicine is indeed that of ever bringing forth or magnetizing to oneself that which is desired for oneself or others. Indeed Gold is the very color that was the first ray as the Creator made Himself from the nothingness and beings with Gold Medicine not only have a deeper sense of the power and ability of one's prayer, but also the ability to bring it forth with the greatest of ease and speed. All beings of Gold Medicine should indeed wear gold in their personal adornments about oneself as well as ever embracing that color ray into the environment about oneself. As indeed the color of the Green Ray of Love is that of blending the Blue ray of the Father with the Gold ray of our prayer, it truly is from the Prayer of oneself and thereby Gold ray projected from oneself that all things are provided to Him to oneself through the expression of His Love. All Gold ray Medicine beings do well working with the color rays of Turquoise, Blue, Green, Crimson, Violet as well as Black and White and should ever burn amber, sandalwood, or cinnamon incense and candles of all rays about the environment of self for establishing greater peace of place..



Crystal Medicine is that of singular focus and great precision and perfection and all Crystal Medicine beings are continuously striving to make things better with a great sense of never being able to complete or make a thing as good as it can be or get. Indeed all Crystal Medicine beings have a great passion for perfection in everything that they do and often have trouble completing a project once it has begun as they always seem to feel that they need to or can improve upon it in some way. Crystal Medicine is indeed that of singular tasking and is very similar to the Target Vision Medicine of the Falcon in as much that Crystal Medicine beings can only effectively operate in that consciousness and do a single task at a time and always with a desire to do it extremely well or as might be expressed Crystal Medicine beings indeed cannot walk and chew gum at the same time as it is one or the other but not both things that they can comfortably do. All Crystal Medicine beings tend to do each task extremely well and if possible will ever continue to improve on it. One of the qualities of Crystal Medicine is indeed a tendency to obsess upon an activity or subject and while this can be somewhat unbalancing it is the very nature of Crystal Medicine to bring forth the greatest condition of clarity and perfection once a design is established and pattern provided. All Crystal Medicine beings are ever about seeking unlimited growth in self and at times may indeed seen withdrawn or obsessive about a thing and it is this very withdrawing nature that allows for them to get their necessary focus and balance to perform with the greatest precision. All Crystal Medicine beings do tend to operate better alone and with as little distraction as is possible for the greatest ease and comfort in performance about any project. This is not to say all Crystal Medicine beings are not social, as they tend to obsess in this area as well when desired as they are best at being with other beings when they are about their interactive target and alone when they are about development or constructive work. All Crystal Medicine is balanced by Star Medicine which is that of Multiplicity and it is from one of these two Medicines of operation that anything is done. All Crystal Medicine beings can adopt Star Medicine in their schedule or agenda to get a better sense of completion through the setting of smaller goals of attainment in their agenda or itinerary of tasking so as to cover more ground and operate in a rounder sense. As all Crystal formations truly develop in a growth process, so also do all Crystal Medicine beings and each is constant in their individual aspiration for personal betterment with sometimes extremely high expectations from oneself and thereby setting themselves up for opportunities of experiencing affectations of Ego. Indeed Crystal Medicine is also that of great clarity as well as precision and if one is desiring the very best work or clearest viewpoint it is best given to a Crystal Medicine being to provide such and all goals will usually be not only fulfilled but most often exceeded as well.



Mountain is the Medicine of Steadfastness and great Memory and indeed just as the Mountain wears as scars weathered upon the face of it the memory of all that has passed before it, all Mountain Medicine beings embody the Medicine of great memory as well and typically are constantly making notes and journals for safekeeping of notable circumstances and events. Indeed all beings with Mountain Medicine are natural historians and journalists as well as documentaries of the current events as well as the past and while this activity of record keeping is prevalent their individual facility of recall is most exceptional with little being lost here. Beings with Mountain Medicine will typically keep memorabilia from early in life throughout it with items and scrapbooks retained from their earliest ability to do so in the process of their individual documentary. Steadfastness is also a quality of Mountain Medicine which refers to the fact that as difficult as it is to move a mountain, it seemingly pales in comparison to the effort needed to get a being with Mountain Medicine to change their position or mind on a subject once they have decided upon it, or for want of better terms might indeed be sometimes considered as being hardness of head. Indeed beings with Mountain Medicine also have a great affinity to Mother Earth and feel the deeper vibrations of her which is to say that they are embodied with a greater sensitivity to vibration as well as an innate or natural ability in working easily with Mineral Spirit such as crystals and Medicine Stones. Because of this sensitivity to the deeper vibrations of Mother Earth beings with Mountain Medicine also typically feel the seasons more dynamically, which is to say they seem a little sadder in the fall and gladder and energized with the spring as well as being deeply connected to weather conditions as relates to the emotional body of self. Beings with Mountain Medicine also see the Creator in nature and not so much in some church facility in a city as Mountain Medicine commune with the Creator where wildlife is at and things are free in nature. Mountain Medicine need to go to the Mountain, Ocean, stream, or forest quite often throughout the year as this is where they renew and reconnect to the Creator in a special communion so to speak. All Mountain Medicine beings are positively affected by the scents of lilac, earthy scents, cedar, and jasmine as well as the colors of the purple, red and blue rays and ever the white and black in remedial conditions. All beings with Mountain Medicine do well in remedial conditions not only by going to the Mountain, stream, forest or Ocean, but also are positively affected by nature sounds as well as with periods of silence for the renewing of balance and inner peace.



Forest is the Medicine of Community and Growth and all beings with Forest Medicine are ever naturally proficient in both teaching and administration as well as the distribution of knowledge in a sharing way. Indeed as all tree spirits are teachers about Growth, all beings with Forest Medicine are ever most supportive of the process of Growth both of self as well as others and their natural concern for the Growth and Well-being of others and their environment is indeed one of the stronger consciousness to be embraced here as all beings with Forest Medicine are deeply concerned about both and make natural leaders in such affairs. Environmental issues and concerns are indeed the forte of Forest Medicine beings as they know innately the necessary ingredients for all to express their Growth in the roundest of ways being not only ample space, water, and light, but also the very quality of the air, water and soil and the cycles and balance of Renewall and such. Renewall is also one of the consciousness to be associated with Forest Medicine and as the tree that has expired falls to earth, it paves the way and provides nutrients for the new to Grow. Forest Medicine are not only great administrators of resources, disseminators, of knowledge, and teachers, but also proponents and advocates for the betterment of societies in each and every of ways with a great sense of communion with the Creator in nature. Concerns for wildlife and habitat as well as all environmental issues are some of the natural consciousness to be associated with Forest Medicine but also community affairs especially as regards social welfare and future planning are also well within their gamut of expertise. While all beings with Forest Medicine may not particularly aspire to leadership positions each is internally prepared to handle the task should it be presented although many would be just as happy working from the outside of the political arena so to speak such as in an advisory or other capacity as long as the message gets heard and the response is made. All Forest Medicine beings have a natural ability in working with all Plant Spirit applications in any way but in all conditions of husbandry, wildlife management and ministerial as well as administrative capacities. All Forest Medicine beings like those with Mountain Medicine see the Creator in nature and need to go to the Forest, mountain, and ocean often so as to renew their balance and commune with him there as this is indeed their church of self so to speak. All Forest Medicine beings are positively stimulated by water scents as well as earthy ones and are positively affected by all plant aromas especially those of berries and lilac. All Forest Medicine beings are positively stimulated by colors of the white, red, yellow as well as black, blue and ever that of the green ray.



Fire is indeed the medicine of great change and passion and as everything on Mother Earth is composed of Mineral Spirit and water truly fire does not destroy a thing as all it does is release the water and return it to its Mineral Spirit foundation for a new beginning. All beings with Fire Medicine are ever about the process of embracing and bringing forth change in their expression of life and even supersede the Red ray Medicine in their passion and energy levels. All Fire Medicine beings possess a great energy and possess a continuous need for new and positive expressions of oneself. All Fire Medicine people are typically hyperactive all through life and should be also about spontaneous screaming and yelling as a method of emotional release work. If a Fire Medicine being should suppress or stifle their often explosive moments of anger for long periods, they tend to cause grave illness in oneself as a result and usually those that are on the receiving end of an expression of rage or anger from a Fire Medicine being are usually in need of the benefit from the experience of it whether it was well founded or not. All Fire Medicine beings are constant about their desire for change in their experience and expression in life and ever are able to express the greatest of passion and energy as they do so. All Fire Medicine beings do well with water as a calming force and should be in or about it frequently. All Fire Medicine beings are very effected by the sounds and especially music about them and easily stimulated subconsciously by it and caution should be put in force as to overt or hidden messages therein as they will deeply effect the mind as well as emotional body of them. All Fire Medicine people do well with candles and fires in the fireplace about their environment and find much balancing forces to self when comfortably observing them. All Fire Medicine beings are also stimulated by any storm and the more lightning and thunder, the more energy they restore to self.



Light Medicine is the Medicine of share, illumination and broadcast and all beings with Light Medicine are greatly enabled in all ways of distribution and communication be it through oratory, illustration, or any other medium of expression. Indeed as it might be imagined, all beings with Light Medicine are indeed Light sensitive but not in the ways as might be considered as Light Medicine beings are more affected by care taken or given to a thing than by any color ray of it and the shinier or more polished it becomes or is, the better. It is indeed this shining, polishing and caretaking Medicine that is one of the major characteristics of Light Medicine beings coupled with a great desire as to how much better or farther they might make the Light reflect from an endeavor of their undertaking that gives them the greatest sense of satisfaction and esteem to self. All Light Medicine beings are inherently Light workers ever trying to leave things better for their experience of or passing by them and always in the most caretaking and considerate of ways so as to not intentionally disrupt the balance of things and all Light workers are ever about sharing in the distribution of information that is truth so as to better enlighten oneself and all others and thereby stimulate the greatest Growth and Balance and Well-being to the All of His creation and not just to that of oneself. All Light Medicine beings are positively affected by the brighter color rays but are equally affected by certain tones and sounds with the deeper vibrations providing greater energy in the way of tones.



Flower Medicine is the Medicine of share, color, initiation, and distribution and as the flower is the structure that new seeds are manifested and distributed, beings with Flower Medicine also possess a great ability in initiation and distribution of ideas, goods, and resources in life. All beings with Flower Medicine possess a great kinship and ability with the plant spirits and all have great ability in working with herbs in augmentory or remedial ways as well as in display for positive mood enhancement as well as dietary counseling and life enrichment techniques. Indeed Growth and new life are primary consciousness to be associated with Flower Medicine and all beings with this Medicine are ever most proficient in life enrichment processes be it for self or in counseling with others. A consideration of and for others is also one of the major considerations for Flower Medicine beings and all can indeed be most positive influences in their individual sphere or arena of influence. All Flower Medicine beings are innate distributors as well as being initiators of projects and such and bringing forth a better way or new idea is indeed one of their easiest abilities. While Flower Medicine beings are indeed great initiators, they usually and quickly care little about the progress of a thing once it is begun as new beginnings are ever their prime objective and do well to cede over a project to a being with Circle or whirling Medicine to insure completion of any project they have begun as once the ball is rolling so to speak their interest usually wanders to the next fertile ground of new Growth. All Flower Medicine beings work as well with color as they do with Plant Spirit and are deeply sensitive to the spectrum of the color range as well as having a great ability of working with color both in mood augmentation as well as life enrichment be it in display such as painting and art but also in interior design, vibrational counseling and design as well as remedial care. All beings with flower Medicine are positively affected by the colors of the green, yellow, purple, and peach ray as well as black and blue with white being most effective in remedial and balancing work. All Flower Medicine beings are positively affected by the scents of all Plant spirits and fruit, but also by the earthy scents, musk, and any type of wood burning such as a fireplace or cooking arena.



Climbing is the Medicine of stepping forth and aspiring to higher and greater abilities and expressions of self and all beings with Climbing Medicine seem ever about the task of arduously struggling to go forth as they seem to approach every circumstance as being a vertical objective and prefer the direct route instead of going around the long but often easier way. Indeed while beings with Climbing Medicine seem ever too critical or judgmental about the condition of self, this consciousness and Medicine is in no way to be represented as being of any other than that of great strength. Indeed great Strength and Resolve are the major characteristics of Climbing Medicine and all beings with Climbing Medicine possess unlimited quantities of both. All beings with climbing Medicine are ever measuring the progress of self and others and usually think of their own as being respectfully slow, however this is quickly forgotten when indeed they embrace a target objective or reach some milestone of sorts as they internalize all that has gone on and strengthen the heart of self by the process of it. All beings with climbing Medicine tend to prefer to operate or embrace their Growth alone as it in the alone time that they most often are able to move at a pace and direction that is most comfortable for them in their personal expression. All Climbing Medicine beings are natural competitors because of this nature of measuring themselves and are also ardent supporters for any and all expressions of Growth in others and are totally sincere in this. All beings with Climbing Medicine are great students and teachers as they are constantly honing their skills for their next and hopefully less arduous expression of growth. All beings with Climbing Medicine are Natural Humorists and they are ever about lightening and making easier the way for others with the greatest of passion and courage. All beings with Climbing Medicine have a great natural ability in doing body work both in remedial care as well as relaxation from stress as well as working in the theater or any other animated form of expression of self such as singing or dancing as well as athletics. All beings with Climbing Medicine are positively affected by Light, Wind, and Water, and less affected by color as sound. All climbing Medicine people are positively affected by the scents of clove, lilac, cinnamon, and vanilla, and the colors of orange, blue, black and yellow are of positive effect in remedial use.



Turtles are another animal which may live on land or in water and we choose to discuss them here with the swimmers. While on land Turtles may appear deliberate and slow, these swimmers are very agile and graceful in their water habitat. Turtles are another animal that has changed little over the years on Earthplane and constancy is indeed part of their Medicine. Turtles have reasonably good eyesight and a good sense of smell and also have a great sense of the lower vibrations of Mother Earth and the waters as well as having a great intuitive sense as to danger, earth changes and weather conditions. Turtles are predominately solitary and range animals and while the like to return to the same location as might be called home or place of origin they are content with the knowledge of that in their endless wanderings. The Sea Turtles go great distances over the oceans and always return to their place of birth to lay their eggs ever guided by an internal magnetic guidance system. Turtles are predominately solitary creatures that are very independent in nature. Wearing their house on their back as a protection device against predators, they are pretty much safe from harm in most conditions and many a Shark or Whale has had trouble cracking the shell on one. Predominately docile and timid creatures, Turtles operate with a great sense of resolve following their inner guidance system no matter as to the barriers the they always seem to have to overcome. Turtles especially the snapping variety are seemingly dauntless in their courage and resolve and have even been seen to challenge raccoons when there is a meal at stake. The strength and great heart of the Turtle has been greatly appreciated by aboriginal peoples and the Turtle is representative of Mother Earth in many aboriginal societies. the great heart of the Turtle will still keep beating even after being removed and is often eaten by aboriginal people in this condition so as to give them some of the Medicine of its great strength .

The Medicine of the Turtle is The Tenacious and Courageous Pursuer of Discovery of New and Everlasting Truths as well as The Personification of Persistence and Exemplification of the Unlimited Potential of Expressions of Care and Heart.

Beings with Turtle Medicine indeed are personifications of their animal form brother in their great internal and intuitive senses, and all Turtle Medicine beings are naturally sensitive to the emotions as well as inner desires of others about them. This embracing nature of Turtle Medicine beings also makes them naturally susceptible to entity and thought form problems and all Turtle Medicine beings need to practice clearing methods often as often the problematic thoughts or concerns are indeed not truly their own. Part of the Medicine of this highly tenacious and most courageous of beings is that of Sharing The Vision and Way through path finding and distribution of the many pathways to any goal or objective. Typical of Turtle Medicine beings is the asking three or more times about any of a thing as they want to be very sure before they represent it as truth in the proverbial map that they seem to display to all others upon their back. Indeed exploration and map making are the very natural expression of Turtle Medicine beings who excel at finding ways and means to achieve a goal or objective. Unlike the Serpent's doubter Medicine, all Turtles are most open to receive new ideas or information , only cautiously making sure what is heard is understood by them before displaying it either verbally or visually to others which is ever their prime objective and natural forte. All Turtle Medicine beings are natural teachers and exhibitors of knowledge as well as coaches and supporters of any and all other beings and things. All Turtle beings are naturally illustrative as well as athletic with most beings displaying a great ability of agility as well as strength and stamina. Turtle beings are very sensitive to all life forms and nature in general however they are completely adaptable in their seemingly unchanging way to any and all situations that arise. Problem situations for Turtle Medicine beings are handled somewhat uniquely in that while they may show concern, precious little energy is expended in waste as they research all known solutions until one is selected out by them which when chosen, they dedicatedly and patiently follow and pursue with great commitment and resolve. Patience is somewhat of an enigma for Turtle Medicine beings as no matter what the event or circumstance they always thing that they or the project is ever progressing painstakingly slow even if it is progressing at full speed. All Turtle Medicine beings are what might best be described as part time solitary as they often emulate the Butterfly in going into a cocoon stage and reemerge in a metamorphic personification of their former self totally renewed and revitalized once their decisions are made. All Turtle Medicine beings are solitary thinkers and authors and do not do well in collective thought or expressions however they are a great addition to any group or project as they provide both a great consciousness of the necessary verses the convenient way of realizing a goal or of doing a thing. Beings with Turtle Medicine will seemingly let time stand still for others and stay isolated as they stay crystal focused in their achievement process which is seemingly both most necessary and uniquely available to them. Turtle Medicine beings are seemingly highly competitive with little consciousness to others as they pursue their own victory in seemingly great expressions of enthusiasm that is seemingly contagious in its stimulating effect for all involved making them an asset to any activity or endeavor. Unless a problem directly affects a Turtle being or one of its family members, it is usually ignored as being insignificant but if it is a direct problem, then it will be dealt with in the most complete if not efficient manner. All Turtle Medicine beings are deeply sensitive to their family especially as relates to paternal and maternal personages as well as developed later in life with a general desire for static conditions about the arena from which they have grown such as having their room kept the same as when they left for school. Much like the animal form, Turtle Medicine beings all need to go on sacred journeys and it is the home ground or sand that they wish to keep intact and with no specifically great changes going on. Journeys and travel are indeed the sacred mission of Turtle Medicine beings and are often life path expressions as all Turtle Medicine beings are natural travelers as well as tour guides and explorers. All Turtle Medicine beings are natural teachers as well as students and all Turtle Medicine beings will continue to extend their education throughout life in some form, be it in new experiences or studies of some sort. Turtle Medicine beings indeed often see only one way of doing a thing and it is ever of course their own way as they also have a most parallel nature to that of Crystal Medicine with some touch of Star Medicine impatience and thereby singular tasking as well as focus in their expressions with a great desire for absolute perfection in any and all expressions of themselves. Turtle Medicine beings although often seen to be singular operators and typically do very well in groups desiring evenness instead of hierarchy. Turtle Medicine beings make very effective leaders as well as workers and again are very much supportive to others in their pursuits. Turtle beings seemingly sometimes have difficulty in sharing and this is also typical to their animal brother in that they will always satisfy the needs of self and family in that order before considering that of others but if resources are plentiful, they will share proportionately with their comfort zone. This is not to say that Turtle beings are stingy or possessive, only that they cautious in their resource administration as they are ever saving for that sacred journey. In conditions of conflict or danger, Turtle Medicine beings are often surprisingly tenacious and naturally courageous in their protection of personages and property for which they are responsible. Beings with Turtle Medicine ever strive for a level of excellence in all of their pursuits and this tendency they also tend to transfer in their parenting skills and are extremely instructive and protective with a generous supply of nurturing as well as attention but also at times being also somewhat overly cautious and protective in the process. All Turtle Medicine beings typically will have a sleeve length that is equal to their inseam length and in condition of balance are very proportionate in their size and stature often being somewhat lean and ever agile in their physical characteristics which ever includes a condition of the neck. All Turtle Medicine beings are true water as well as earth Spirits and have a natural affinity to the outdoors and nature especially around bodies of water be they Ocean, River, or stream and water and nature places are indeed the places most often found to be sought out in times or dilemma as they give them their greatest sense of self, the Creator, balance, and peace. All Turtle Medicine beings in dilemma respond well to soups, vegetables, and fruit of any kind. The Turtle Medicine being like the Whale and Dolphin Medicine beings in dilemma will usually show physical evidence of it in the condition of the back, chest, arms, legs and skin as well as the upper respiratory tract and usually by way of sinus and nose and are especially susceptible to migraine headaches in conditions of imbalance. Problems in the head or headaches for a Turtle Medicine being result from being entrapped in their personal expression or relationships, with mouth and jaw problems resulting from conditions of stifflement in the achievement of goals as well as receivership problems in some fashion. Problems in the feet of a Turtle result from blockage in freedom of movement or available resources as well as appreciation in general, and leg problems result from a condition of constraint or being caught up in unfaithfulness or problems in truthful expression. Problems for a Turtle Medicine being in the sinus, upper respiratory and allergies in general come from a stifflement of expression and problems in the arms of a Turtle signify problems in direction or the ability to perform or express themselves in their current associations. The more open the expression in the most visible way is indeed the very satisfying and stimulating medium for Turtle Medicine beings and the more that they can do to provide a more stimulating and playful ground for support, lesson taking, and prosperity and in a manner that provides the greatest and easiest influence on others, the happier it is for them. Turtle Medicine beings are ever positively affected by music, light and color as well as all activities especially if they are physical in some way and express movement or progress and growth. Steadfast in their pursuit, that always seems painstakingly slow to them, infinitely curious and ingeniously inventive, the making of things and some manner of writing or illustration are both positive stimuli as well as therapeutic for Turtle Medicine beings. The natural personal expression of Turtle Medicine beings is in the distribution of information and goods as well as athletics, writing, discovery, and reporting. Turtle Medicine beings are positively affected by the colors of the pastel and lighter rays especially green, violet, turquoise, crimson, and peach and ever the brown, pink, light blue, and olive in remedial conditions. All Turtles are positively affected by all fireside and baking aromas as well as nutmeg, ginger, clove, cinnamon, and basil, vanilla, sassafras, spice, cedar, and sage as well as apple and any fruit or berry scents.



Man or Woman given in name is collectively discussed here as both conditions apply if given and it indeed is not a conscious to be associated with being in the human form, but instead is the Medicine of Caretaking. It is again given to mention that all Medicines are to be learned and embraced in the next roundest expression of Growth in a being and while some beings might not be named with Man or Woman Medicine, it is indeed an important Medicine to establish in the consciousness and thereby Medicine of each and every self upon the Earthplane as it speaks exactly of what the lessons of experience in Brotherhood that this theater of experience is designed to present. Any being Named Man or Woman would be named the opposite if they were to incarnate in the opposite gender form such as if a woman this incarnation were to next incarnate in the male body form they would be named Man as with regard to one's present sex the name of the Medicine is to be applied. All beings with Man or Woman Medicine are indeed embodied with a consciousness and Medicine of Caretaking and that is to speak of a desire to make conditions better for their passing by or through them. Beings with Man or Woman Medicine indeed seek to improve upon the conditions not only of the present but also with a consciousness to the needs of the future as well, such as preparing the way for future generations as well as initiating remedial actions to the conditions of the present. As in truth all beings embody a certain male and female aspect to the nature of self such as might be considered as the Yin and Yang, each being with Man or Woman in name also has two modes of self expression as relates to the qualities of this Medicine of self. The Male expression of this Medicine is that of being an advocate or revolutionary for improvement or reform to all conditions of the civilization and prevalent society including that of the political, environmental, social, religious, educational, and cultural forms as well as all things of the Creator's making therein or upon, such as save the Whale or Dolphin as well as clean up the air and Mother Earth and in general ever consciously trying to make this arena a much better place to experience now and all time to come. The female expression of this Medicine is that of embracing and nurturing others into the extended form of the family of mankind of self and indeed being of a kinder expression of being in humanity and thereafter society such as those that would adopt stray people as well as pets in the extended form of the family structure as one does not have to be blood related to be accepted and cared for as a brother or cousin so to speak. Man or Woman in name is indeed the Proper way to be in the human form in life and the Medicine is that of as might better be expressed, the greatest of Care Giving for the Betterment in the condition of the Balance and Well-being of All things and beings of the Creator's making upon Mother Earth.




Life Name Animal Form Medicine explained:



The Otter is the Coyote of the sea in their Medicine of also being great tricksters. All Otters possess a great playfulness and great tool making ability. These ingenious hunters mate predominantly for life and are seldom seen singularly as they usually are in pairs or larger groups. The Otter is a superb swimmer and a very aggressive fighter when he feels threatened or in conflict over territory. The Otter expends great energy whether in play or search of food, and whether in play, hunting or loafing they possess a great ability of doing it with gusto. The Otter has excellent vision and hearing but also a great ability of sensing the lower vibrations. The singular most important trait of Otter Medicine however is in their great Creativity and Playfulness and Making and Seeing the Best in Everything or as might better be stated Creative Positive Expressions and Utility. As mentioned about their ability as being a great trickster, ask any fisherman and one will see their penchant for getting a free meal. While most often considered is the Sea Otter, which is the smallest marine mammal at 29 to 39 inches in length, the slightly smaller fresh water variety, the River-Otter, shares the same Medicine if not habitat. In the water the Otter propels itself by alternate strokes of its hind feet, spending much of the time backstroking, with its head above the water. Otters are very vocal and express themselves through whistles, growls, chirps, and screams and although the river variety may stay together for part of the year, and all Otters like to have a mate or playmate to share their fun loving activity, the female will drive the male away before giving birth and caretake for the young alone until they are six months old then allows for the father to assist in teaching them how to swim, dive, and hunt.

The Medicine of the Otter is The Creative Teacher of Playfulness in Being, and Teacher of Balance and Industry in Life as well as The Inventive Practitioner of Making the Best of Conditions and Utility of Everything in Creation.

Beings with Otter Medicine are indeed natural inventors, administrators, athletes, teachers and illustrators, ever showing new techniques in the ways of doing things excelling in athletics as well as the dramatic arts. Indeed display and creativity are natural characteristics of Otter Medicine beings and while they are often given to wear many masks in the illustration of a consciousness or event, indeed the Otter Medicine being is ever teaching us to not take ourselves too seriously in our individual pursuit of goals and to have fun in the process of them. Of high intelligence and sensitivity, most Otter Medicine beings often get caught up in the need to know of and try new techniques of doing a thing, rather than to maintain and polish their present skills and are often given to periods of dissatisfaction as they get off track and never seem to complete the original project and thereby receive the satisfaction to be derived from finishing it,. Extremely creative and skillful in working with their hands as well as mind, Otter Medicine beings are both naturally athletic as well as possessive of great strength and persistence, if somewhat ever being a little short on patience or attention. Indeed Otter Medicine beings are ever quite expressive and very effective in their body language expressions as well as communicative skills and are ardent explorers and quick to notice anything that is new or changed to the condition of their realm or territory. All Otter Medicine beings are very natural comedians, be it in photography, reporting, art, or theater as well as the classroom and in each condition they will excel in their ability to get the message across, usually in the most unforgetfull and humorous of way. All Otter Medicine beings are natural counselors as well teachers and engineers as they indeed easily exhibit and touch the inner child of each self and are most positive in their support, nurturing, and caretaking ways when one is indeed in dilemma, as usually through their repertoire of personal experiences or charm that one can most easily identify and relate to them. While Otter Medicine beings are indeed very intuitive and perceptive, they sometimes get caught up chasing the rabbit when there already is what they want presented at their feet, this is to say that they are not respectful of what they have but most often are quickly bored or not satisfied with it, always wanting something a little different or more stimulating as for all Otter Medicine beings indeed variety is truly the spice of life. This desire translates to a heightened desire for success and achievement in their pursuits in life and as the natural inventors and comedians that they are, they ever will show the way and usually with great humor, and it is this very quality that makes Otter Medicine beings great counselors and storytellers as ever they a natural ability in show as well as share. Concern and caution is not one of the obvious expressions of Otter Medicine beings in their exhibit of seemingly fearless and frivolous personal nature, however truly all Otter Medicine beings are ever quite sensitive if not deeply cautious, quickly sensing danger or threats especially as regards their supply of resources and family and home. The condition of the home is not very important to Otter Medicine beings who do not need a separate space in it for their own expression or work as one might say as any and all of it will be used by them anyway. Otter Beings truly desire a playmate and typically desire to mate for life, although they might experience many diverse relationships before finding that special one that can balance as well as stimulate their curiosity as well as growth in every way. Ardent and passionate in their emotional body expressions as well as physical, Otter Medicine beings are also ever endowed with a adventurous story to tell about most any subject or thing, be it from an experience of self or Others. Otter Medicine beings are ever vocal in their expression as well as possessing a great ability at illustration through writing or art and will ever find a way to share humor or a story in dance as well as song and an Otter without a playmate is entirely at a level of dysfunction and usually very sad as they most often desire to share their adventures in life with another being in some type of relationship and this often gets them into trouble as for them any relationship is better than none and even if it is and abusive or dysfunctional one. Otters beings that are in balance are usually relatively slim of build due to their high energy levels and the weight condition of an Otter is dynamically reflective of their emotional body and the condition thereof. Otter Medicine beings being swimmers and thereby also Water Spirits are deeply interested and most often affected by what happens around themselves be it in the plant, animal or any condition of their environment and are often given to spells of sadness or depression as they suck up the problems and attitudes of others. Otter Medicine beings are also because of their nature of playful trickery and gregarious nature in general are also often affected by entity, possession, and witchcraft problems as they are extremely sensitive to not only the thoughts but also the feelings and attitudes of others around them. Otter Medicine are intense information gathers as well any other resources and will usually find the unique as well as obvious ways of doing or achieving any goal as indeed Otter Medicine beings are extremely inventive and conservative of energy by nature and will often be seen getting things done either seemingly by proxy or by others. All Otters are deeply Spiritual although they seemingly have a hard time expression anything serious in its very context and are highly sensitive to the Spirit world including all animals and plants as well as beings in the other realms. Otters are creative in their eating as well as cooking habits and tend to see the mealtime as another playground opportunity seemingly to show little significance to the food content but more attention to the presentation of it be it fast slow ornate or not an Otter just likes to be with others in this event as well. Otter Medicine beings also tend to consume their food typically in one great gulp as well as having a physical affectation that is evidenced in a roundness and smallness of ears and sometimes nose and long torso and wide feet.. All Otter Medicine beings are true water Spirits and have a natural affinity to the Ocean, River, or stream and water places are indeed the places most often found to be sought out in times or dilemma as they give them their greatest sense of self and peace. All Otter beings in dilemma like the Eagle, are positively affected and strengthened quickly by eating seafood especially fish, clams, oysters, and crabs. The Otter Medicine being in dilemma will usually show physical evidence of it in the condition of the lower back, arms, legs and skin as well as the upper respiratory tract, stomach, and heart. Problem conditions of the back of an Otter Medicine being are the most critical in their influence as they reflect conditions of not being able to receive physical pleasure in life in current relationships or occupation and are truly spiritually dynamic in their effect making them even life threatening in that sense and of a parallel significance. Problems in the arms of an Otter Medicine being reflect receivership issues and being able to control or direct their affairs with the natural freedom of expression necessary for them to prosper and be in pleasure with problems in the legs and feet indicating a condition or fear or restraint as well as possibly a lack of having a clear direction in their pursuits. Problems in the shin of an Otter reflect problems of self image and problems of sinus, allergies, and upper respiratory tract indicate that they are being stifled in their free personal expression as well as problems resulting from possession, entities, or witchcraft will also be evident here. Problems in the stomach, digestive and urinary tract signify that the Otter being is being caught or caught up in a deception of sorts and Heart problems for an Otter being signify that they are experiencing conditions of failure in some expression of self or in their relationships. The pleasing and lightening influence in the most visible way in their personal expression of oneself, is indeed the very strengthening medium for Otter Medicine beings and the more that they can do to provide a more fun and stimulating ground for support and prosperity and in a manner that provides the greatest visible influence to others, the better for them. All Otter Medicine beings in dilemma especially regarding abuse or other dramatic problems especially regarding relationships will usually reflect the condition in weight gain and retention. Otter Medicine beings are ever positively affected by water, earth, food, play, and fire, as fire embodies change which is the essential force of growth, and Otter Medicine are very sensitive as well as ardent and playful supporters to growth in oneself and others in every way. Otter Medicine beings are positively affected by the colors of the white, blue, turquoise, ivory, crimson, and yellow rays and ever the mauve, peach, white, green, and purple in remedial conditions. All Otters are positively affected by all fruit and nutty scents as well as nutmeg, coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and sassafras, sandalwood, musk, cedar, and sage and always water scents of any kind.