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This website was conceived as a means to share with any and all whom may so desire, a greater knowledge and Understanding of The Creator, The Medicine and Proper Way of being in Life as well as what could be considered Real Spirituality. It began as a way for the books that were presented through the channel of White Eagle to reach an audience as well as to share His ability and gift in Naming individuals. In the past, some have asked what the Religion of White Eagle might be. His response was that of Expanding Original Shamanism which he recently changed to Expanding Original Spirituality. It is important to mention here that while the theosophy being espoused in this website does in fact have a direct link to Native American beliefs to a great degree, it actually could be considered to be of the same connection to all others as well.

The aim or charter of this website is not an effort to do any more than to open the windows and doors of conventional ideas about The Creator, Origins, oneself, and the All of creation. This website was initiated with a prayer of Guidance from the Creator whom White Eagle calls Great Pop. It continues to be presented through the results of it. While it was initially orientated towards the presentation of an offering books and services, through the direction of Great Pop it has since taken on a much different Life expression so to speak, such as the Weekly Forecast and Visions that are now being presented herein. This extra support also has increased the requirements of maintaining a presence in the global internet community and hence the inclusion of a means of accepting contributions and donations so that this endeavor may continue.

At this time, many are hearing the calling as White Eagle calls it whereby they feel a great desire to serve in some capacity in ensuring The Creator's Will, Plan, and Idea of being, and being on Mother Earth. Clearly this website is in direct support and response to that calling. Of equal importance and aim is that this website is also about not only dealing with the conditions of the Present and how they came to be that way, but also the Future. Finally, like it's associated Webring, this website is about:


Supporting the children to come in the seventh generation yet born, by learning more about Oneself, The All of The Great Web of Creation, The Great Spirit Creator, The Medicine Way of Being and Being in Life, and How to Walk the path of life as He intended... In Balance and With Harm to No One Being or Thing.


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