The conventional use of the word of Medicine in the English language is usually in reference to some type of remedy or cure and that is why it is being given separate attention here in this website. White Eagle was born a PohTikaWah which could be also loosely translated as to being a Medicine Man. Yet, even the conventional ideas about what a Medicine man or person is or does, is not as concise as we feel needs to be Understood. One might wonder as to why they should even bother with trying to Understand about this use of the word of Medicine and the answer is simple:

In Understanding what this use of the word of Medicine is, one is automatically empowered with it in a way!

If one were to read the material on Origins that is available under the topic of Books in this website, one will find out that each and everything that exists, has Medicine. What is meant by this use of the word is that each and everything that exists, not only has a unique identity and Spirit, it is also a Potential that has an Essential Nature or properties. An example of such is that water is most often wet, but not always. Therefore, one can rightfully interpret this use of the word of Medicine to mean the Essential Nature of a thing, of which everything that exists has such. Long ago White Eagle asked Great Pop which is what he calls The Great Spirit Creator for a definition of Medicine. Great Pop defined Medicine to him at that time as being:

The Resonance to a Consciousness, Understanding or Ability.

He then went on to say that any and everything that exists has Medicine. Also in the experience of the Odyssey of Origins, one will find out that there were in fact what are called the five Founding Medicines and thereby Essences. From Origins, one will also realize that each and everything that exists, has as a part of itself and thereby Medicine, some respective portion of the five founding Medicines as well. Therefore whatever exists, has as part of it's Essential Nature, Desire, Feeling, Onement, Balance, and Change, which are the five Founding Medicines. So from this Understanding, one can also realize that the Medicine of a thing or Being is actually a composition of such Essential Natures. As with water, at times it can display falling Medicine as in rain, yet at other times is can exhibit rising Medicine in the way of evaporation as well.

One might next wonder as to what good is to come to them by knowing the Medicine of a thing?

The answer is: As much as one can gather to oneself from employing it in their daily life.

A simple example of such is that part of the Medicine of Water is that of Flow and Adoption or what some call absorption. No matter what condition water is in, if it gets a chance to move about (Flow), it will! Also, if it gets a chance to embrace anything at all, it will adopt it if at all possible. One has only to put some sugar or sand next to water and see what happens in a very short period of time to realize this. And of course knowing just this part of the Medicine of water facilitates one to wash themselves or anything else that they might desire, as well as use it to erode things with or use in many other ways.

One might wonder next as to How would knowing the Medicine of themselves or another being or thing might help them.

That is simple, Knowing the Essential Nature of their Spirit is the very best that one can do in any sort of relationship. Relationship Proper is defined by the Creator as being: The respectful sharing of the experience of the expression of growth and allowing the other to grow at a pace that is comfortable for themselves. What can be more respectful than learning of the Essential Nature of someone? And how can one share fully what one does not even know about oneself, if one does not know fully one's own Medicine? To know that a person has crystal Medicine allows one to be patient with them as they continually strive for perfection in what they are doing. If one knows that oneself has Star Medicine, one can remember that when one gets anxious or impatient. Knowing the Medicine of one's family and friends is invaluable in all types of relationships.

There have even been some conscientious employers that have even had all of their employees named. They did such so as to be able to make the most of the Medicines and thereby assets available within each, such as in task assignment and so forth. Of significance as well is the reality that each and every group or organization has Medicine as well as workplaces and homes. Yes, even this and every website has Medicine and is a type of Spirit as well. The very design of the FrontPage of this website is in accord and resonance to it's Spirit and thereby Medicine. The very choice for the black (which has the Medicine of Direction) background is that of honoring what this website is about, which is that of enlightenment and support to direction. So perhaps now it is more clear what Medicine is, as well as the very important role it plays in our daily lives.

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