How to Be A Proper Being Here on Mother Earth


In the experience of the odyssey of Origins, one realizes that The Creator whom I call Great Pop did Not Make Mother Earth for use by Beings at all! 

Nope, He originally made it as a theme park of Lessons in Love and Brotherhood for the Mineral Spirits, Plant Spirits, and Animal Spirits, period.

So what happened?  He allowed Being Spirits to come and observe and thereby learn the lessons as well.  And of course a couple of "Willful Being Spirits" took it upon themselves to jump into the animal body-forms during orgasms when copulation & That was what eventually led to our being able to incarnate as beings here. 

And just Like He told us to only observe, He then gave us the role of being  stewards for the well-being of Mother Earth, the Air, Water, and all life forms. 

In my lifetime, we have grossly overpopulated Mother Earth, poisoned just about everything on or in Her, including ourselves and in the process, eradicated hundreds of thousands of natural species with an equal loss of habitat.

There is No justification to such rampant abuse, period.

When I asked Great Pop what is "Proper", His response was -

"That which walks in balance and with harm to No One being or thing, now or in the future for all time to come"!

Prior to the invasion of the Europeans upon other areas of Mother Earth due to their mismanagement of resources and overpopulating their own part of Mother Earth, the indigenous populations of beings in rest of Mother Earth, including North and South America, were behaving as The Creator desired.  This included Not over-populating the available resources that were available in abundant supply for a given number of beings in any one geographic region, and certainly Not causing the eradication of or extinction of any plant or animal species in the process of their existence and stewardship, again as The Creator intended. 

Of course That changed with the arrival of "European Settlers" upon new parts of Mother Earth.
Any and All life forms have been paying the price of such, going extinct, and suffering ever since.

This MUST Stop Now! 


         To be a Proper Being and Visitor to Mother Earth as the Creator intended -


         At the Very Least,  Please Support ------








        Not Only should You contribute to these or similar organizations, You should also become a pro-active proponent using any legal means to

       Stop the continuing pollution, poisoning, depletion  of species & habitat etc. 


       Do it starting today for Your Children's Children and most of all, Great Pop.


    White Eagle